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Treating Carpet Stains
Stain Removal Guide for Carpet
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Treating Carpet Stains

The following information is intended as a guideline. Always pre-test any spot or stain cleaning procedure and chemicals on a hidden area of carpet for color bleed or color loss. These stain removal procedures reflect information which is currently available to anyone, however, NO WARRANTY OF ANY KIND, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, whether of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose, is intended. Do not use these procedures subsequent to, or in combination with other procedures. The compound effect of non-compatible cleaning agents could harm your carpets. Call a professional carpet cleaner if the stains won't come off and explain to him what has been attempted so he may take proper action.

The following general instructions are for all of the procedures used to remove carpet stains. If you need information on how to apply, blot, scrape or how to mix the cleaning solutions, please click on the appropriate word on the right. To remove specific stains, such as blood, food, coffe, etc. from carpet follow the link "Stain Removal Guide for Carpet" in the left column.


Solutions, solvents, water and other liquids should be applied to a clean white paper towel (not printed) and this wet towel used to dampen the carpet. NEVER wet the carpet through to the backing.

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Blot by pressing straight down with a clean white towel - never rub. Rubbing alters the carpet texture. In the final blotting step, a 1/2" thick pad of clean white paper towels, placed on the cleaned spot with a weight and left overnight, is the best way to pick up the last traces of liquid and foreign materials.

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Gently scoop or scrape with blunt edge of spoon from the outside of the spill or spot toward the center.

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Mix 1 teaspoon clear dishwashing detergent with 1 cup warm - NOT HOT - water.

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Presoak Solution:

Mix 1 teaspoon enzyme presoak (Axion, Biz, etc.)with 1 cup warm water.

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Hydrogen Peroxide:

Mix 4 fluid ounces Hydrogen Peroxide (3% strength available in drug stores) with 1 fluid ounce household ammonia (sudsy type). Use within 2 hours after mixing.

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Undiluted household ammonia, sudsy type containing detergent.

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Undiluted white vinegar.

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Dry Cleaning Fluid:

Non-oily, non-caustic type sold for spot removal from garments. Caution: may be flammable.

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