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About Rugbeaters

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Rugbeaters has been servicing South Florida's flooring needs since 1962 providing customer satisfaction and reliability, business traits we apply to each and every job. We believe that responsive services with diligent follow through are practices that have been the cornerstone of our success. Our strict company policies and uncompromising ethics have enabled us to continually strengthen our position as one of the leading flooring companies in South Florida. Testimonial to our sales and service philosophy are the many national accounts, both large and small, that regularly and loyally uses and recommends us.

Commercial projects require strict budgets and completion schedules. We at Rugbeaters honor and respect these guidelines and make every effort to ensure that they are met. Land developers, builders, hospitals, medical facilities, hotels, condominium managers/realtors, as well as, architects/space planners and decorators/designers with specific flooring needs, to insurance agents/property adjusters handling homeowners or commercial flooring claims along with import/export purchasing agents all live within strict budget/time restraints and rely on Rugbeaters' staff to satisfy their flooring requirements and needs.

The Rugbeaters name has always been synonymous with quality, service and ethics, which we pledge to always proudly uphold. Our staff and installation teams positive attitudes are as much responsible for our ongoing success and are to be commended for their continued loyalty and dedication to our philosophy.

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Thank you South Florida, and the tens of thousands of customers over the years that have believed in us and allowed us to fulfill their flooring needs. It is this loyalty and support that allows us to celebrate our "50th Anniversary"!!!